Appellate Practice

Despite the best efforts of the legal system to provide just and correct results, sometimes the complex nature of legal cases leads to a result that must be appealed to a higher court. When faced with such a situation, a litigant can make no better choice than Lofaso, PLLC. Mr. Lofaso has experience in appeals cases, including work before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Mr. Lofaso understands the correct method for presenting the issues on appeal to the court. He further knows how to emphasize the legal theories and rules governing the case in such a way as to maximize the likelihood of success.

Lofaso, PLLC’s appellate practice includes:

  • Trial Court Post-Trial Motions
  • Civil Law Appeals
  • Criminal Law Appeals
  • Administrative Agency Appeals

Mr. Lofaso understands most appeals stem from long drawn-out cases where the aggrieved party has already accumulated large legal expenses in the initial trial phase. His ability to contain costs and efficiently and effectively represent clients through technology usage makes Lofaso, PLLC the smart choice for your appellate needs.

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