Criminal Defense

Mr. Lofaso understands the turmoil a criminal charge brings to a client’s life.  The stress a criminal charge imposes upon a client may become overwhelming whether a minor traffic infraction or a more severe misdemeanor.  While an infraction may seem minor, one should always consult with an attorney as punishments may extend beyond the judicial system and may include the loss of rights and privileges controlled by administrative agencies of the executive branch of government.  Because of this, Mr. Lofaso believes the fight to clear one’s name and reputation does not end at the courthouse steps.  The mere accusation of criminal impropriety may have severe consequences for the client outside the criminal court process.

Lofaso, PLLC’s criminal defense practice includes:

  • Assault and Battery
  • Improper Use of a Firearm Offenses
  • Drug and Alcohol Offenses
  • Larceny and Fraud
  • Trespass and Property Offenses
  • DWI and Traffic Offenses
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Private Company Disciplinary Hearings

Whether defending clients in criminal court, advocating for the restoration of rights and privileges in front of administrative agencies, or representing clients in workplace or educational disciplinary hearings, Mr Lofaso will work arduously to protect the client’s rights and do all the law allows to deliver positive results during this stressful time.

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