Why Lofaso PLLC

I place the emphasis of my practice on building a strong attorney-client relationship. I realize the successful resolution to any legal matter, whether adversarial or not, starts with a commitment to fulfilling the client’s needs. Only by building a strong client relationship and understanding the client’s underlining goals for both the present and the future can I truly represent the client’s interests. By committing myself to strong client relations, I gain insight into the value my services create for my clients thus allowing me to evaluate and adjust the representation to best suit the clients.

Besides focusing on the attorney-client relationship, I strive to provide the best legal services for my clients by offering efficient and effective service through the utilization of information technology.  Through such processes as electronic document review, encrypted and password protected secure electronic messaging, and electronic court filing, I hope to deliver many benefits to my clients not offered through the traditional brick and mortar method of practicing law. By utilizing such technologies in the practice of law, I seek to create a competitive advantage for my clients by lowering the cost and expense normally associated with acquiring legal services. By streamlining the flow of information between the client, the firm, and third parties, I aim to lower opportunity costs and increase efficiency in service for the client all while continuing to provide the effective service the public expects of all attorneys.

To find out more about how Lofaso, PLLC may help you with your legal matters please schedule your complementary consultation with me today.

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